Welcome to Tbones Free Guitar Lessons

jimmypageWelcome to Free Guitar Lessons.ws. This site is is dedicated to offering free guitar lessons and tips for beginning guitar players and up. Information and advice will address areas such as scales, chords, tablature, theory, lessons, classical, rock, metal, blues, jazz, etc. The different types of guitars such as electric, acoustic and classical each can require different techniques for playing rhythm and lead. Also i will post videos and/or blogs with information  on tuning, right hand techniques, how to hold your hands, practicing and much more. The goal is to teach the beginner guitar player first and progress upwards from there. The purpose of free guitar lessons is to share knowledge that I’ve picked up from various teachers and distinctions I’ve made that will hopefully save time and benefit the beginner and up. The site is a work in progress so check back regularly for new lessons and posts. They say you learn a lot from teaching what you know so hopefully this will be the case. Guitar is a lot of fun and the most popular instrument in the world. There is always more to learn and new distinctions to be made even for the Guitar players that are considered to be the most accomplished. So you never arrive but that is what makes it so fascinating other wise you would eventually get bored. 

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