What to Practice?

One of the toughest things is practicing consistently and deciding what to practice on. Are you being productive with your practice time or are you just spinning your wheels playing the same thing over and over? There is no magic formula but I have been thinking a lot lately on how I can be the most productive given limited practice time.

These are my current thoughts concerning practice and they may change in the future as I make new distinctions. Most important is being consistent. It is like working out and in order to develop muscle memory and build strength or build anything you have to be consistent. Practicing once in awhile will not help you near as much as consistent practice. Practice what you don’t know instead of always playing what you know over and over. Play to backtracks or your own comped chords and work on improvisation. It can take years to get good at improvisation and to develop your ear so start now.  Purchase a Jazz fake or real book and learn to improvise over those progressions. Learn the melodies and break down the chord progressions into keys scales and modes. Play and try to write as much as possible. Work on playing by ear and reading notes. Do scale and interval exercises and make them sound as musical as you can. Practice switching chords back and forth smoothly. Work on right hand and left hand together and independently. Be open to learning new things and ideas. These are a few things to keep in mind to help you get better. There are more and of course develop your own practice routine depending on what you want to learn.

Learn C major scale all over the fret board. Learn to change guitar chords quickly by practicing them slow and creating a nice sound. Play on your finger tips. Play along with your favorite guitar music or any music by ear and find scales by noticing which notes sound good and which ones sound bad. listen for the bass guitar notes and learn bass lines. This will help u find the structure or progression of a song. Practice technique and pay close attention that you develop good habits that you can build on. Play for fun of course. Good guitar technique will only help you sound better whatever you play. Always have at least one song you really like so you will look forward to learning and practicing.

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