Buying a Guitar

Fender guitars and Gibson guitars are the two most popular guitars. I like them both for different sounds and versatility. Fender guitars are very good to learn on. They are great quality as long as you buy at least an American Standard. Fender Guitars have a whammy bar also if you want to develop some interesting note bending techniques. It is important to develop your left hand strength vibrato techniques without a whammy bar though and be able to produce note bending with your left hand. Its nice to have both though so they can compliment each other. You can achieve some fun sounds with the whammy bar and can bend notes further also. If I had to choose one guitar to begin to learn on I would choose a fender guitar over a Gibson guitar because of versatility in sounds. If I could have two guitars my second one would be a Gibson guitar. Gibson guitars have a heavier sound. They are both quality though. If you are beginning you don’t have to buy the most expensive guitar but I wouldn’t buy the cheapest either. You will learn better and not have to upgrade once you get to playing a bit. I recommend buying at least the American Standard Fender guitar and nothing lower. You can play professionally and have a wide variety of sound options from heavy bass blues sounds to high treble sounds. You cant go wrong with the Gibson Les Paul either.

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