Words of Wisdom


Practice switching chords back and forth cleanly.

Watch and observe and emulate what accomplished and good guitar players are doing, pay attention to things like how they hold their hands, pick, posture etc.

Focus on getting your sound from your fingers rather then relying on effects dis-proportionally. I play a lot of the time with no guitar amp. I was told this years ago from an accomplished professional guitarist. Effects have their place just focus on making a great sound without them.

Make playing scales sound as musical as possible rather than sounding like a scale exercise.

Tune your guitar every day without a tuner to train your ear and be able to tune if you are without a tuner. Use the tuner after to check perfect pitch.

Learn to play by ear as well as reading music.

Try to play what you don’t know and not what you know over and over.

Play songs you like so you will stay interested and keep returning to practice.

Try to be consistent with your practice even if its 15 min a day.

Try and learn things so they make sense to you and not just take someones word for it. People understand things differently so try to learn things your way.

Be humble, Greatness is earned on a daily basis and is not an achievement.

Play and write as much as possible.





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